FORMAT15 Festival

It's been a pleasure to work with the Format team this year on the festival guide and signage, and with QUAD on the education guides. Format is in it's 10th year and presents a selection of the best of international photography in a diverse programme of exhibitions and events.
This year's festival has an extensive calendar of exciting events and exhibitions in a range of venues across the city. The guide was designed so it was small enough to fold down and fit in your pocket, making it easy for festival goers to navigate their way around the city. With such a fully packed festival we had a lot of information to fit in, so we tried to create a guide that was easy to read and access and that would inspire people to visit the fantastic exhibitions and events!

A Z-Card format was chosen for an easy to use guide on the go

Commissioned by QUAD to create an educational guide to the festival for children, we designed two brochures; one for Key Stage 1/2 and another for older children (Key Stage 3+).

The theme of this year's festival is 'Evidence' so we had a lot of fun designing a guide in a Detective/Secret Agent style. The brochure takes the children around the exhibition, encouraging them to think about and discuss the photos on display aswell as participate by completing activities based around the artworks.

The back page includes a secret agent disguise kit that you can cut out and wear while you're sleuthing! (Much fun was had in creating this particular page as it was necessary to try out the glasses, eyebrows etc to check the sizes were correct, at least that's what we told our designer Tom as we made him wear them!).

Education brochure for Key Stage 3+ 
A more minimalist, contemporary design was created for older students, each page detailing an exhibiting artist and encouraging discussion and further research.

If you fancy a trip to Derby, come and check out the huge amount of fantastic artwork by international photographers, the talks, the tours, film screenings, not to mention the amazing locations all across the city and it's on until the 12th April! Find out more and download the guide on the Format website.

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