Summer Nights

We recently created a hand drawn logo for QUAD's Summer Nights Film Festival, which shows classic and contemporary films at fabulous locations throughout Derbyshire on a giant screen. The poster and brochure we created used a beautiful photograph of Calke Abbey by Graham Lucas Commons combined with a long landscape illustration detailing the venues through simple graphics inside the brochure. The brochure rolled out to create a panoramic view and uses warm colours to create the feeling of a balmy summer evening. Tickets for the films are available here, now which film to see...!


Mr Digwell's Gardening Year

We have just received the advance copies of a book we recently provided additional illustrations for. Mr. Digwell was a cartoon featured in the Daily Mirror, offering gardening advice. This book is a mix of the old cartoons (all copyright the Daily Mirror) and our new ones. It was fun to work in a retro cartoon style and the brush pens are all a bit worn out now!