Neonatal Unit Enhancements, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Firecatcher were delighted to design a scheme for the Neonatal Ward at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham. Through a ‘Secret Garden’ theme we explored nature and the idea of the garden being a safe, calm place where things can grow and bloom. We created designs that evoked a sense of calm, curiosity and a feeling of wellbeing with a touch of humour.

Taking inspiration from the Secret Garden book, we created enhancements that would not only decorate the space, but create areas of interest and detail for the parents and the staff who are spending long periods of time in one area. Small details are woven into the leaves for people to spot including little creatures as well as some nice inspirational words and messages of hope.

As well as brightening up the space, a number of enhancements were used as informative devices; encouraging hand washing, presenting health and hospital information, and way-finding.

The colour palette chosen uses a selection of calming, complimentary colours which when used in combination with the neutral wall space create a friendly and contemporary look.

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A Celebration of 3D and Physics

We had a lot of fun working on the 3D brochure, mainly through the wearing of the red/cyan goggles to check our stereograms were working!  This fantastic season of films, talks and exhibitions from the irrepressible QUAD in Derby was complemented with a 3D trail exploring the theories of gravity...

These small stickers were placed throughout the gallery and allowed visitors to learn a little about gravitational theories from Newton onwards, and all in 3D!