ID Fest

ID Fest is a film festival organised by QUAD, taking place over four days in May. The festival includes screenings,  live appearances from key industry figures, professional practice events and premieres of new films. This year we created the overall look for the festival by combining characters from films old and new and sought to emulate the festival programme itself and the way classic films are juxtaposed with contemporary and emerging films and talent by combining more graphic shapes with film textures and hand drawn elements. Visit the ID Fest website for more information or to buy tickets here.
(Brochure cover back) You can view the brochure in it's entirety here.

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Great British Fashion Stamp Covers

We were recently asked by Bletchley Park to design a first day cover for a new set of stamps designed around Great British Fashion. The design was to have a 1940's theme related to fashion and to Bletchey Park itself. We took inspiration from the work of iconic fashion illustrator RenĂ© Gruau also working around this time, and created a glamourous wartime code breaker against a very British backdrop.

As well as creating the covers, we designed a stamp cancel (below).


The beautiful stamps shown here were designed by Johnson Banks.