30 years of the National Media Museum

We were very excited to be given the task of designing a visual identity for the National Media Museum's 30th Birthday celebrations, not least because it opened on the exact same day our very own Bex was born!

We came up with a bright, celebratory style logo, using film reels to embellish the 30 and a vibrant colour palette to be seen throughout the museum.  The identity was used across balloons, t-shirts, badges, bunting, as well as posters and banners throughout the museum.

 We spent the day exploring the museum and created a range of supporting illustrations of several of the key objects within the space, from Daleks to cameras, to the Big Ben microphone responsible for the 'bongs' on the radio during the 50s and 60s, to Thunderbirds and Wombles...

The design was used across a range of design assets, including flyers, posters and banners.  We worked closely with the curators to produce a number of 'trail markers', highlighting 6 of the key objects that visitors were to discover upon their next visit.

We also produced a 4m x 2m wall graphic that was installed in the foyer of the museum.  This details the key events in the museum's history, as well as some of the celebrations in store over the coming year.  Firecatcher wishes the Media Museum a very happy 30th birthday and a successful 2013!

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