Bringing the community together in a new scheme of enhancements

Just before Christmas we had the pleasure of designing and painting a scheme of enhancements for a new department within Derby Royal Hospital. The Children's Community Department will see patients who need regular visits to the hospital so it was therefore important the imagery was packed full of enough detail so that the children would find something new each time they visited.

Taking inspiration from the departments name we decided on the theme of community and created neighbourhoods based both in reality and fairytale. The style of painting is colourful and engaging and designed to spark the children's imaginations and make their hospital visits less daunting. The style uses rollered out blocks of bright colours contrasted with pockets of detail and pattern, each telling a story.

 The more abstract building shapes and the decorative nature of the paintings again in contrast with more figurative elements ensure that the scheme will appeal to the wide age range the Community Department will see when it opens it's doors this month.

To see some more pictures of the scheme click here.

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