Sunflowers, Ladybirds and all things Puffin

Here's the latest work from Derby Royal Hospital, this time we painted a corridor linking the previous murals we'd done in the Emergency Department with the Children's Wards. This time there were no seagulls but a puffin ward, ladybird, sunflower and dolphin and kite themes to include. We decided on a sunflower growing competition as the story, with puffins and ladybirds entering various sunflowers, some cheating! The dolphin aspect was added in the form of the dolphin cup presented by Peter Porpoise, the mayor of Herring Beach.

Two ladybirds cross as their cooking pot's being used to grow a rather nice sunflower!

A puffin hastily paints on a sunflower just before the judge arrives, two outraged ladybirds stand astonished.
The cheek of it!

The very official looking Mayor... Peter.

A very ladylike ladybird waters her teacup flower with her spotted teapot.

The prestigious Dolphin Cup with various photographs of past winners. To the right of the image are the parachuting ladybirds from the flying kite.

To the right side of the picture... More cheaters! This time ladybirds seek to fool the judges with their sunflower compiled of 'green things' including a sunflower spread lid.

One end of the corridor was decorated with wildflower illustrations using flat colours and subtle tones to create a more graphic but calming effect whilst still including the sunflowers.

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