October Window

Window design at Firecatcher has become a bit of a tradition which started with our Harry Potter window (see archive!) and has continued with us trying to out do the previous! We use the space as more of an art installation than a promotional area and as well as our own designs have had other artist's using the window as an exhibition space.

For this Autumn's window we decided to go gothic to tie in with Halloween and one of our favourite books 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer. We've been pretty much hooked (and slightly obsessed!) with the Twilight saga and when planning the window this time around thought it would be a good way to spread the word and create something dark and striking at the same time.

The nature of the window means the photo's are quite dark but the main essence of the design uses a black, red and white theme with eight beautiful roses hung equal distance apart to create a quite graphic look. 'Wickedly Wonderful' is written in black vinyl lettering across the top, with 'Go Gothic this Autumn' below. The idea with the roses was that they would gradually wilt and die giving that dark feel.

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